Saturday, October 20, 2012

If you hit it...

If you hit it long enough and hard enough, eventually it WILL bruise.  This is how my thigh looks today- the bruise was from Wednesday night.   Or possibly Thursday.  Or some of each.   There are some more around the back, but it is harder to get pictures of that side. 

Reminders of good times.  :) :)

This morning Master wanted biscuits and sausages, so I made some.  These biscuits are my specialty, he says.   I use the Joy of Cooking recipe for drop biscuits, and they are very yummy.   Then he headed off to visit friends, so I'm just sitting around the house today, not doing much except some laundry.  

Earlier, in the warmth of a cozy bed and the dim light of predawn morning, we made love.  Or fucked.  Or some of each.    When he was just barely awake I sneaked down under the covers and woke him up completely in the only way I am allowed.   He had recently changed his "Do not wake me up" rule to "It is ok on my day off to wake me up at a reasonable hour (ie. not 5 am) if you do it with my cock in your mouth."    So today I took it in my mind to do just that.  His half-sleepy thrusting into my mouth and holding down of my head against him was so hot.
 He asked me what I wanted, and this time my answer was "Whatever you want, Master".   I'm trainable, really I am.  Eventually.  
He told me to get on top, so he could pinch my nipples, slap my face and watch me cum.  

I hope I do not sound like a broken record in saying how lucky I feel to be his slave.     

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  1. It's your blog, you can tell us as much as you want. I LOVE having my face slapped, especially when it feels all tingly after.


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