Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day of Fun

  Last night, Master wanted to watch his newest zombie movie.  He wanted me to keep him company, and I wanted to be with him, but I didn't want to watch a bunch of zombies eating people..  I ended up spending most of it kneeling beside the couch facing him instead of the TV.   I was his play toy, for fondling, petting and other uses at times.   I rested my head on his lap, he petted my head.  He had me take of my shirt and he pinched my nipples until I wiggled and squirmed.  I sucked his cock, you know, the usual stuff one does.

After the movie he gave me a quick flogging and used the belt on me.   It hurt, and it was a good hurt,  but there was no sex.  Sometimes he just wants to beat me, and that is how it goes for his slave.

This morning he drove the kids to school and when he got home I was at the door waiting, wearing only a collar, wrist cuffs and a smile.   I had finished the vacuuming while he was gone so the house doesn't get overtaken by fuzzballs.

I gave him a blowjob, kneeling on the floor between his legs as he watched Bree Olson as Daphne and some chick playing Velma get it on. Don't judge. We all have our kinks.   He came down my throat, holding my head down until I gagged and tried to get away, but he had a firm grip on me. 

Then he allowed as how it was time for some rope.  He tied me up in a karada (body harness) and tied that to the rafters in our bedroom, with my hands roped together above my head.  He made sure there was a "happy knot" on my clit, so every time I moved or the rope moved I felt like I was on the edge of orgasm.   He took a few pictures of me.  I can't post the ones that show my face here, but he told me to "Quit smirking like fucking Anne Boleyn."  Rope just makes me happy, I can't help it.  The more he tells me to quit smirking the more I can't help smiling.  Especially when I'm being stimulated by the happy knot. 

He put on a CD of classical favorites:  Handel, Mozart and others; about an hour an a half of music.  He started flogging me in time to the music.  Beating your wife music- it's classy that way. 

He got out his knife and ran it over my body.  I was shivering a little at that, and asked him if he would ever cut me.
  "No, and you can stop making those eyes at me, I'm not going to.  It would be too much like work.  That is what I do all day- cut things and then sew them back up."   It really is ok with me.  I don't want to be cut, although I am a little curious.  0_o

For the entire length of the CD he worked me over, after a while untying me, alternating use of a leather strap, fucking, flogging, fucking,  cropping, and all the fun, until we were sure enough worn out.

 I'm so fricking deeply in love with this man.  On days like this I feel like the luckiest slave on earth. 


  1. Bobbi Starr plays Velma, luscious Velma.

  2. Very nice, i love rope as well its just so versitile.

    Sometimes i like to be beaten with no sexual release but then i find that s/m does sate my sexual need more so than actual sex, given a choice i would opt for s/m over than sex!...i know wierd lol

    Nice pics.


    1. If given the choice, I'd have both. But yeah, sometimes one seems more important at the time (sex or S/M) and sometimes it is the other, just depends. He thinks it is amusing to make me choose sometimes, which is just mean.

  3. Those are great pics, thanks for sharing. That sounds like some great play time. We need some around here.

  4. sounds totally satisfying! glad to hear.


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