Thursday, October 18, 2012


Kneeling at his feet, describing my fantasies, begging, pleasing him, sucking cock.

My morning began with this.

The cane was just what I needed and he put it to good use on me.   But mostly what I wanted was the long, hard, fucking while I was bound on the bed.    I had many, many orgasms.

Then when he was done he used the cane on me again, and the magic wand at the same time.

 After giving the wand to me to hold in place he held his hand over my face until I thought I'd explode, then released it and commanded me to cum.

Breathe and explode.

And again. And again. And again. 

Breathe and explode.

Then he told me to start and continue orgasming as long as I could, and I went on for a long time.  I didn't know how long (three minutes- he was timing), but it didn't stop until he gave me the the "WAIT" command which after a great struggle with myself I managed to obey, without moving the Hitachi from it's position.

He kept this up until I felt like each one was being ripped out of my body.  My mind was going kerflut, and all it contained was pleasure, no real thoughts of any kind.  I was deep into subspace by this time, and when he finally told me to turn it off and lay back to cuddle me I felt very odd, like any touch or kiss was an electric shock.  I tried not to pull back, tried to still my odd feelings.   Finally we just lay quietly in each others arms. 

He said "If you want to get pissed on in the shower then we'd better get up."    Ummmm, yeah.    So I hauled my bruised ass up out of bed, staggered around the room collecting my house shoes and robe and headed to the bathroom.  We showered together;  he had me kneel for the experience (and made me cum again whilst he was at it).

I washed and shaved, but several times I was so dizzy and faint I had to sit down in the tub. He asked me if I had eaten earlier like he told me to, and I said yes, I'd had a piece of banana bread.     I was still laughing and happy -- this is what  subspace is like for me.   I completely forgot to wash my hair, and didn't realize it until much later.  I was so out of it-- I really am not usually quite THAT forgetful. 

We headed to town, and stopped by the dentist.   Master was chatting with the receptionist when he said "Ask her what she did all morning", indicating me with a nod of his chin.  The receptionist chirped to me "So, what did you do all morning?"   Being ridiculously bad at making up things on the spot, I just blushed and looked down.  She just said "Never mind, I won't ask" and laughed. 

Then we went for a lovely breakfast of french toast (for me) and potato pancakes (for him) at a restaurant.  We chatted about this and that and had a delicious time.  Breakfast at 1 pm, why not?  


  1. I am sure you had worked up quite the appetite by then. I am always starving after a good beating.

    The dentits reception arear was hilarious.

  2. I was starving. He made me eat before I even got out of the shower. Wolfing down wet string cheese- it's odd, but when you're hungry...


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