Sunday, October 7, 2012

About Last zombies to be seen

Ah, last night.   Does it get any better than a great group of friends, a secret location in the woods too far from civilization for the screams to be heard, and extremely hot, naked bondage and slave-beating fun?  

I could be really lazy here and just post a link to one of my camp adventures, because we had a reprise of one of the best experiences we had there. 

Camp Tryst

But I won't.

You know how I said yesterday I was going to be laid back and let someone else be the demo bunny at the ropes class munch this time?  Well, I never even got that chance.   I was sitting way in the back, behind Master, and Sir Wieland pointed to me right away and beckoned to me to get up to the front for some demo-ing.   Not being one to resist that kind of invitation, I hopped right up there.      He's a good friend and I  love being his demo bunny/rope slut model, whatever you want to call it.

 Master learned some new rope tricks, and also bought some pretty red and blue ropes.  There were 3 rope experts (Sir Wieland, Mystique and Elevate) all helping people learn the new ties.   One that I especially liked, which Mystique showed us,  involved my arms being bound to themselves around the forearm and upper arm, giving basically no leverage to struggle, and then tied behind my back so my shoulders were forced back.  I didn't want to get out of that one, but it was already time to move on to the next tie.

After the munch we picked up some Korean take out and sake, and headed off to the woods.  This time the cabin in the woods didn't involve zombies; in fact, I did not think of zombies once while we were in the cabin. 

Now, on the way back out of the woods, when Master stopped at a deserted spot, had me leave the warm car and fucked me bent over the hood, after that, I had the thought "This would be when the zombies would get us if we were in one of those movies".  

Anyway, to get back to the in between bits, the juicy bits (heh heh):   once we were settled comfortably and warmly inside, Master ordered me to get undressed so he could tie me up.   I did, but for some reason I tried briefly to hang on to my panties, my last bit of emotional security and comfort, but he said "You can take them off now or I'll cut them off later, and I know they are one of your favorites".  So I slipped them off.

He got me all tied up, with a body harness and arms roped up securely, then our friend joined in and got tied to me.  We facing each other.  Ooo, and she is so nice and soft on that side.
Then the torments began, from Master and another friend.  There was flogging, a little light cropping, and caning, orgasms, biting, more orgasms, ("put a towel down") and other "drive the girls wild" torments.  When we were way over heated there were the frozen bottles of water applied to sensitive areas, making us jump and squeak.   It was just all around  too much fun.  More fun than you can shake a stick at.  More fun than a bushel of weasels.  

After getting untied, a brief rest and a drink of water, I was bent over a chair and Master caned me harder than before.  Not full out/ as hard as it gets caning, but hard enough to make me whimper.   A little more rest, and then I asked for some fire play with Mystique. 

I got googly eyes on my butt!  

How is that?

  Take two small fire cups, stick them to a butt, then put large googly eyes on the cups.   Everyone thought that was hilarious, and they took pictures.  I'm thinking someone will send me those pictures soon and if they are not too embarrassing I will share them.  Who am I kidding?  My Master is going to make me share them, embarrassing or not.

This BDSM stuff is SERIOUS!  Serious fun, that is. 


  1. Sounds great fun, your braver than me i would hide rather than be called out to be a demo bunny really shy in public.

    The bossman and i havent attended any events for a while, we used to quite a bit but well work, kids get in the way and before you know it a year has flown by..but reading this has made me think we should make more effort.

    and absolutley yes bdsm stuff is serious fun and thats what it should be.


  2. I'm shy about speaking in front of people, but just standing there getting tied up- that is easy for me. We have kids too, but we try to get a babysitter once a month and go out. It is sooo worth it.

  3. Wow that sounds like a lot of fun!!


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