Monday, October 22, 2012

Working together

I think I have mentioned this here before, but Master and I do work together.  We work for a small family business where the husband owns the place and his wife does the accounting and bills.   My Master is an associate vet.   I am a receptionist- I answer the phone, make appointments, fax things, type records, take money from people when they leave (cashier), that kind of thing.  I also play with cute puppies and kittens, clean up messes, hold animals, take photographs, answer the world's wackiest questions with patience and cheerfulness (Will the distemper shot give my dog a bad temper? OMG my dog has a flea- should I panic?)  and whatever fill in job needs to be done. 

Today at lunch I warmed up leftover lasagna for us, we ate, I washed our dishes while Master saw one more animal, then we walked to the gym and did some weight lifting for just a few minutes before walking back.   It seemed a little silly in that we didn't get much workout done, but at least we tried, and we got to walk and talk.

On the drive home Master said he was feeling kind of tense.  That was a cue.  :) 
He likes getting road head.  I know, it's not the safest thing, but what he wants, he gets.  I sucked his cock all the way home, and he especially enjoyed the bumpiness of the back roads.   His car has darkly tinted windows, and there is hardly any traffic on the little country roads we take, so no real worries of being seen.   When we pulled into the garage he told me to get in his lap and fuck, which I did.  It felt like being teenagers again- it's been a really long time since we've done that.  :) 

He came, I came, then I struggled back off (this car sex is kind of awkward and cramped) his lap, and he turned me over and spanked me into a tingly-ass state. 

After dinner and dish washing, during which I flirted shamelessly with him,  he pulled me off upstairs, stripped my clothes off and laid me on the floor.  He stuck two fingers inside me, one for each hole, as I bucked and moaned and he made me come several times.   Then I assumed the ass whacking position, kneeling, head on the floor, butt up, and he caned me.  I kicked my feet and struggled to stay in position.  He beat on my upturned ass until I reached subspace.  He led me to the bed, and fucked me (again!!) until he came. 

He told me I should be sure to write it all down in my blog for him, so here I am, as assigned.

I sure do love all this togetherness. 

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  1. Togetherness is a wondeful is a finger in each hole and the cane.


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