Sunday, October 21, 2012


Some fall leaves, for no reason in particular.  I took this in front of our house.
Serving is something with which I struggle.  I want to do it well, at least in theory.  But when it comes to actually doing it I'm a big slacker.  Sure, I have no trouble when he says "Make some tea" or "Get me some lunch, please", I can do that.   But when it comes to anticipating when he's about to ask for something, or may need another cup of tea, I completely fall down on the job.  I get wrapped up in doing my own stuff.   I have kind of a one track mind that way.   He doesn't have a little bell to ring when he wants me, and I don't know if he'd use it if I gave him one.   Or, more likely, I would deeply regret ever having such an idea.  


  1. When i think of 'serving' i think its not so much about being anticpating when he is about to ask for something but rather making things just easier for him in ways that he appreciates.

    Like when he is busy and needs to get on, i try to ensure the house is not a hive of activity and im not disturbing him for anything that cant wait.

    Sometimes i just pick up from his mood, looks, etc that he wants something from me and i offer myself.


  2. Well, for what it's worth, some Masters don't want that presumptive service - anticipating needs. That can be taken as topping from the bottom. Some Masters prefer to have you follow orders instead. (shrug) So maybe you're better at all this than you think!



  3. I know he does like it if I manage to anticipate something, and if I'm not sure what he wants he does like it when I ask. To him that is not topping from the bottom, it's just being helpful or useful. He is thrilled if he says "I'd like you to do X" and I say, "I have already done it, Master". I get a smile and a "Good slave". :) :)

    Tori, you're right, sometimes the best service is just sitting quietly so he can get work done, or whatever he wanted to do to relax.

  4. Sometimes I over anticipate and I can tell I am annoying him just a bit so I back off. I too do much better with following direct orders but as time goes on I can antcipate SOME things better and I am assuming it will get even easier with time.

    I agree, there is nothing like getting that "good slave" acknowledgements.

  5. I definitely have more of a problem under anticipating than over anticipating.


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