Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ok, I wrote this out in my journal last night because I couldn't take looking at a computer screen anymore.  

Some readers I know are slaves that live with their Masters; they already know that much of this life is the mundane things that make up anyone's life.  The details may differ, depending on your job, whether you stay at home or not, and where in the world you live, but most of it is just doing what one has to do, minus the freedom to make many decisions about your own life, and hopefully interspersed with moments of ecstatic sublimity. 

I woke up at 6:30 feeling my legs being pushed apart.  I was sleepy, not horny, totally dry, and still sore from the day before when he had fucked me twice and hit me in the cunt with the flogger some unknown number of times.  Then he was on top of me and was about to fuck me, ready or not, dry or not, so I got busy with my hand to create some arousal down there.   It is not my place to say no or to demand (ha) foreplay.   Soon the soreness was worked out and it was feeling good, so very good.  He gave me the command to cum, but I didn't, couldn't.  Instead I shook my head to let him know that I had not.

"Maybe this will help you get in a better mood to obey" he said as he held his hand over my mouth and pinched my nose shut.  I couldn't breathe for a long minute.  As I started to buck and fight he let go, allowed me on quick breath, and again told me to cum.  This time I did.   Again, he closed off my air and I became a wild aroused thing.  One breath. Cum. And again.   Oh fuck.

He had me get the magic wand and use it.  Something like 6 or 7 orgasms later he pulled out and pushed my head down so he could cum in my mouth.  

A brief rest in his arms. 

"Up you get", he said "Go make some breakfast."

I stumbled downstairs and got ready for work.  There are animals that need care.  Kids that need organizing, feeding and attention.    I checked the new lamb (surprise, lamb!) and fed and watered critters while Master put some chicken and veggies in the crock pot to be ready for dinner. 

Master drove us to work and we got there a little after 8:30.   At 9:00 the school called and said the littler kid had barfed on the bus and I needed to come get him.  

The practice owner said I should do whatever I had to do.
Master told me to bring him in to work if he didn't seem too sick, so that is what I did.   He kept himself entertained playing on the computer until that got boring, then he was set to work shredding paper, which is evidently amazing fun for little boys. Who knew?

After work there was dinner, and still more chores to do.  Animals to take care of, kids that need to get homework done, have baths and story reading.  There was cleaning and laundry for me to do.  There was serving Master tea, and helping him with the wording in a recommendation letter he was working on. 

And finally, after asking if I could go to bed early, taking off my day collar, putting on the night collar and climbing into bed.   


  1. geez. sounds like a LOT of day... i'm exhausted just reading!

  2. I really like you blog. I had to laugh at Fondles comment, that sounds like each and every one of my days. It's nice that you got to start the day in that slave place I love so much. It can be hard when every day things (kids, school, homework)get in the way and it start to feel mundane.

  3. Love the picture.

    What i have realised is that although this weekend past was an intense weekend for Master and i its something we actually dont get to do much of because of children, work and just life getting in the way..we have to make the time and schedule for it which doesnt sound too exciting lol

    The reality is 24/7 contrary to what some may believe isnt being kept naked , whipped and used all the time although there is no switching off from who we are the kink aspect isnt always in play.

    The mundane stuff still has to be done.


  4. Yeah, there is no play 24 hours a day- think how sore we'd be!!! I could use a little soreness right now, though.

  5. WOW that is a whole bunch on top of a busy day. *dies* you are amazing.

  6. Ah, today was even worse. I'm so beat. And not in the S&M sense. It was my own stupid fault today. I forgot to buy something for our son's school, so ended up running around for an hour before work looking for it at three different stores (from 7-8am). Then when I tried to complain about it Master just said he didn't want to hear it because it was my own fault. So I'm complaining now. :)


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