Saturday, October 6, 2012

So excited!!

Today we are going to our local munch, where the topic will be ROPE! 

 Last time we went to a rope class, Master teased me afterward about how I jumped to the front when they asked for volunteers for the chance to be the demo bunny (I did NOT elbow or shove anyone out of the way, contrary to his re- telling of what happened- see, this is that gaslighting thing he's trying to do- am I right?).  

So now I'm thinking I will try to hold back and be all demure and shit if volunteers are needed for demos.

After that we are going to a private play party at a secret location (oh boy!) so if anything fun transpires there I will be sure to write about it tomorrow (without, of course, mentioning anything that could be identifying for people other than Master and me.)  

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