Thursday, October 11, 2012

Googly Eyes

See, you think you're getting some nice therapeutic Chinese firecupping and then some very "funny" people put googly eyes on your butt, take pictures and make you post them.

People seem to find this sort of thing really entertaining (glaring round at Master and friends). 


  1. Just dropping by a second time to snicker :D

  2. Sorry that was meant to say offer support...
    You need to post it on Fet so others can do the same nod, nod

  3. I do, huh? You know, I have several friends there that find seeing my ass and naughty bits in their feed offensive. So I think I probably should post it for them. DM did not say "where" I had to post these, just that they had to be posted. He may have meant FL. I did not ask for clarification.

  4. How could anyone find your tush offensive... particularly in that state of dress? People are strange sometimes :(

  5. Glad I could help throw you under the bus!


  6. serenity- maybe someday I can do the same for you (muah!)


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