Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A sticky mess

Today is my day to stay home and do the housework.   We always have a few minutes after the kids leave and before my Master heads off to work, and if I'm lucky he will make use of me during that time. 
This morning he told me to come keep him company upstairs.  I started to get wet at the thought of what was coming.    He had me kneel and suck his cock in the bathroom.  He commanded me to cum several times during this, which is easy for me even without being touched because I get so aroused from having him in my mouth.  

He stood me up and bent me over the sink, fucked me hard and briefly then had me on my knees again for more sucking.   He didn't come, but pulled out and roughly used my hair to dry himself.  

He told me to hang his robe up in our room; when I came back he pushed me up against the wall in the hallway, his hand around my throat and he whispered to me graphically about fucking someone else.  His other hand when between my legs and he told me to cum. When I finished shuddering, we went downstairs.

 He sat down in a kitchen chair and asked me to bring his shoes.   I knelt in front of him while he polished them- his black dress shoes.  I figure one of these days he might teach me to do it for him, but he likes doing them himself. 

After the shoes were shined, there was more sucking as I knelt at his feet, then he told me to lie on the floor and expose myself.  I did, and he stood over me jerking off, but he stopped short of coming, and used my hair again for a napkin and headed off to work. 

  I'm a sticky mess.  My hair is full of unmentionable substances.  We will both be thinking of the pleasures tonight holds for us all day.  


  1. Now, those are the types of morning a girl could get used too for sure, although it would be driving me crazy that I never got to taste or feel his cum on my body.

  2. yummy. Now thats a great start to the day lol



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