Sunday, October 14, 2012

Talking whips

We do not have a large collection of toys, but it seems to be growing slowly but constantly.  When we first started it was just hand or belt spankings.   The a crop.  Then one flogger.  Then two floggers.  Now we have 4 floggers- maybe if we close them all in a closet together they will breed and multiply.  

I have always had a thing for whips.  Just the sound of a loud crack makes me tremble and shake.  When the first Indiana Jones movie came out my best friend and I each bought 12 foot bullwhips and would stand out in the front yard learning to crack them.  We never hit anyone, except our own legs accidentally, of course.  I still have that bullwhip, and I recently replaced the cracker at the tip so it will make noise again.  I don't think it is something Master would ever use on me- it is the advanced model of a single tail and besides it is too long to be used indoors. 

It was recommended to us to get a dragon tail first, before trying a single tail, so he did.  I love that one very much.  It surprised me that the loudest pops do not equal the most ouch factor- I haven't looked into the physics of that and since I can't see what is going on behind me, I haven't observed it much either. 

Dragon tail

Recently he acquired a short whip from the same person who made the dragon tail.   So far he has used it on me three times, including last night.    He started with my breasts, swishing it back and forth across in a figure 8 pattern.  It just barely stung, certainly not hard enough to make me yelp or leave marks.  It was enough to make my eyes brighten up and my cunt wet.

New whip

He told me to turn around.   I gripped the edge of my dresser and he began popping the whip on my back.   This was hard enough to elicit some yelps, and probably there were red marks, but nothing lasting.  After a few minutes I was getting all soft and easy feeling.  He told me to kneel and suck, and called me dirty names- whore, slut, cocksucker.  With each one I melted a little more.  He held my head and pulled me down on his cock until I gagged, let me pull back a second, and then pulled me down, enjoying my gagging and struggling as he fucked my mouth..
 He was in reach of the toy drawer, and pulled out a cane, the long willow one that I made.   He tapped and beat my ass with it, which made me squirm from one side to the other.  I don't think I was trying to get away, and I keep telling the body to hold still, but my body for some reason pulls back from which ever side he is working on and shifts toward the other side.  Thus the squirming back and forth.

He fucked me there on the floor, hard and fast, making me cum.

After care consisted of him jumping up and leaving the room.  I cleaned myself up, picked up the toys and climbed into bed.    We are not big into the cult of aftercare, with all the little extras, but I do like some hugs and cuddling when he is in the mood.   Of course, as a slave I only get what I want when he is in the mood, so there it is.  I deal.  I snuggled down under the quilts to wait for him.  


  1. mmm... dirty names - my newest is face-fuck slut. yummy. and i mentioned that he must really like continuing to push/pull my head to him even when I'm gagging...

    "i can't tell. all i see is the top of your head. so i don't have to worry about that"


  2. Oh, he can tell when I'm gagging and usually comments on it. I make gaggy/strangly noises.


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