Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Last night I snuggled up to Master's chest as he stood in the kitchen and, putting on my most winsome expression, looked up at him and said:

"Are you going to play with me tonight?"

He said "No.  (pause) I'm going to beat your ass.  I don't play I live this stuff fucking serious-- 24/7, baby!"
"By the way, some of those people in those groups you belong to  really are pompous asses, aren't they?" 

I'm going to say this again, even though I already know the answer (which is that I'm a wimp).   How can it hurt so much that I'm crying, wanting to fall down to escape or run away, and still the next morning the only evidence is two tiny scratches?   

He is really enjoying the new whip, as am I.

He says I make him look like a big meanie on here, which he totally is not.   If you know my Master, you know he is a sweet, darling, courteous man with only the best of motives.   (And no, he did not force me to say that, only suggested).


  1. hahahah... they're soooo sensitive.

  2. Oh yes...I'm familiar with "Suggestions." Lol.

  3. I actually never thought that of him. I know how one-sided our blogs can sound. We would not be here if it was not what we wanted.

  4. lol im pretty sure i make my Master out to be a right bastard sometimes but thats ok he can be at times!

    Im really not sure about whips, well it depends on the type of whip, some i handle ok but one im slowly learning to like but i am hesitant in saying i love it lol


  5. dancingbarez-- I'm going to show him your comment.

    tori-- I have a feeling he's going easy with it, even though it did hurt a lot. Especially on the front. I'm not sure my nipple has recovered.

    lil-- Well, theoretically I don't have to follow "suggestions". But I usually do anyway. It seems to be in my best interest.

    Fondles- lol

  6. "suggestions", I suspect Masterspiece is right when she says the words don't mean what the M types think they mean. Lol.

  7. In this house suggestions are like orders. My Master likes me to 'go willingly', So very few orders are issued.
    Took me 7 long months to learn that when he suggests something, I better do it.


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