Friday, June 6, 2014

A Spanking Is All It Takes

A spanking is all it takes... to move me from fairly horny to wildly turned on and lust-mad.  Then after a bit of cock sucking, Master says, "Ok, bedtime." 

What else is there to do but turn out the lights and try to sleep?   I didn't sleep well at all, not more than a few winks I'm sure, before it was morning (if you can call before 5 am morning). I was lying in wait for him to wake up.   

When he awoke he told me to get ready to be fucked.  And I was, oh so ready.   I was so ready if I tripped and fell anywhere near his dick if would have ended up inside me through some kind of magnetic or gravitational pull.

I lay waiting on my back, all uncovered, for him to get back in bed.  He came down on top of me and entered me quick and hard.  After some time he turned me over.   He pinned my hands behind my back and came inside me, then grabbed my throat tightly and made me come.

Just a couple more spanks and it was time to get ready for work.

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  1. Wow. Spanking and sex. Nice.



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