Thursday, June 5, 2014

Part Two of Daily Life Post

  I worked Tessa with the sheep.  Took her out pretty close to them, as she is not an advanced dog.  Sent her on an outrun, which she did nicely.  She was a bit too pushy then and I told her to lie down, which she didn't do.  I had to step in and get her attention, getting between her and the sheep and cutting her off.  Then she would lie down.  I took the sheep between empty fence posts as if they were weave poles.   This teaches the dog to balance, cover, pay attention to my body language and stick, and also settles them and slows them down.   After that I tried to start her driving the sheep away from me, but she was mainly flanking back and forth.  So I picked up the rope she was dragging and led her along where I wanted her, giving her the left, right and "there, walk up" commands on the rope.  Soon I dropped the rope and she was driving on her own.  Now I was getting bit by too many mosquitoes so I did a couple more little outruns and called it a day. 

I scooped up the dog poop from the yard and moved about 6 downed trees that were in my way before I could start mowing.  I also filled up water buckets.

Then mowed the grass, and my stomach started aching.  After I finished mowing, I said hi to the kids and  went and laid down for a bit, and fell asleep.  I woke up and it was time to make dinner.

I made some red sauce and pasta.  We talked (me and the kids) and the little one showed me his new favorite music video.  Which is this one.

After we ate I washed dishes, then Master called and we talked.

I was still feeling sick.

I started feeding dogs, and couldn't find Luke, one of my two 14 year old littermates.  I got a bit of a panic.  Looking for old dogs is a thing here.  Even though the yard is fenced it is easy to misplace dogs that don't hear/see/walk very well and sleep a lot.   I looked upstairs, then felt really sick.

I knelt in my "spot".   I started with a prayer for myself.  I leaned forward so that my head was on my hands.  I know these dogs won't live forever.  I don't try to pray for the impossible.  I prayed for nothing to happen to them while Master is gone so I don't have to handle it on my own.

  I thought of all the bad stuff that has happened to my friends lately.  I prayed for every one of them, then went through it again.   My stomach ache was going away.  I stayed in that position a good long time.   My stomach was better.

Eventually it was time to put kids to bed.  I found Luke, sleeping under the deck.  He woke up for dinner.

I put kids to bed and fed the rest of the dogs. 

Master won't be home until Thursday night (now tonight!).

I went to bed before 10:30.  


  1. I understand the panic of old dogs. My sweet boy has been gone for two years now but it still feels like yesterday. Logan was my baby before I had babies and watching him grow old was very hard for me. I will add Luke to my prayers. :)

    1. Thank you! His sister Cinder is having the harder time right now, with really wobbly back legs probably due to a nerve condition.


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