Friday, June 13, 2014

Show me, show me, show me

One of his favorite songs is the music of today's blog:

Show me, show me, show me 

Master got home last night, and the first thing he wanted was to see my newly growing out fuzz.  

"Show me your cunt".  I dropped my shorts and lifted my robe, but he raised an eyebrow said sternly,

"That's not how you show me.  On the floor." 

 I hit the floor so fast there was a great thump, and lay with my legs open as he inspected.  When he was done he let me get up, rearrange my clothes and get his dinner plate.

A few hours later we were upstairs.  He was holding my wrists above my head as I rode him, wiggled on him, brought him pleasure that made him throw his head back and moan...

He began slapping me, then rolled me over and fucked me hard from behind, telling me I was his worthless hole, only good for fucking, his cocksucking whore.  It was my turn to moan with incoherent pleasure...

A few hours after that I waited prostrate on the floor for him to come upstairs again.  He came in, went round behind me and started kicking me, right, left, right, sometimes catching my feet in there as well, then a really painful kick directly between the legs that made me leap halfway up before I got control of myself and went back to position.

Then we were back in bed once again.  He started with the paddle, spanking my butt red and making me squirm and whimper into the bedclothes. He got on top of my legs as I lay face down and punched me, rapidly, like working out with a punching bag.  While the paddle is a sort of pain that I struggle to take, this butt and thigh punching is more pleasure than pain.  It hurts, and the hurting lasts deeply until the next day, but there is a lot more pleasure deep inside.    Soon I was wanting to come again, but I didn't ask. I gripped the sheets hard, bit the pillow and waited.  He kept punching and slapping until he finally told me to come. I exploded.  I tried to twist all around, but he held me down, still sitting on my legs.   He took me quickly and fucked me just a little bit before telling me it was time for bed.   

It was so delicious curling up on the corner of his shoulder after all that and drifting off.   


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