Sunday, June 15, 2014


Today I'm beginning my something like 36 hours of no solid food.   Also I have to take all sorts of laxatives.  No, it is not some kinky torture scenario, unless you count having a colonoscopy/endoscopy tomorrow as being in that realm.  I feel in my gut (ha-pun!) that they won't find anything wrong with me that way, but the doctor recommended it and my Master has ordered me (I tried to talk my way out of it once or twice) to go through with it.   I'm not dreading the procedures so much (twilight sedation actually sounds kind of trippy) but the prep part, where I can't eat and take all this purging stuff sounds horrific. 

I'm not good with fasting.  Really not good.  It has always led me into emotional meltdown territory, or at least makes me extremely grumpy. 

I'm doing ok so far, just really craving some good food.  Like bacon.  I cooked bacon for Master for breakfast, a bacon burrito.

I had some jello, which is ok to eat, and Master made broth for me.  I guess there are some calories there, but I'm still hungry.  

I have been his fucktoy twice already ths morning, and I also went out to the woods to cut some new willow switches.   That is what he's getting for Father's Day from me, as I have no money.

 I have smoothed some of the sticks down with a knife and file and he tried them out- even over my jeans it was painful! 



  1. My Master has been through the fasting for tests several times (he survived stomach cancer and has one done every January). I am sorry you have to go through this and I hope everything goes smoothly.

  2. It is better to start the elimination process than be sick all the time... though bacon cooking/ sniffing definitely sounds like cruel and unnatural torture

    1. Yeah. I was the one saying last week that I didn't want him to go so easy on me just because I was sick sometimes. It is just that doing the normal things feels better to me.


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