Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Master's "I Dream of Jeannie" Fantasy

This is typically how I wait for Master every night at bedtime.  Not always with a whip in my hands, and usually naked, but a friend made me this outfit at Master's request, and last night I was told to wear it.

Master enjoyed making me do some belly dancing as he whacked me with whips and sticks and such, then ordered me to strip.  I did kind of a teasing dance even though he was getting impatient and kept grabbing and hitting me. 

Then he gave me a thorough beating and fucking.  It was wonderful, especially when he was treating my butt like a punching bag.  Ooof, it is sore.  :)  


  1. My husband has long asked for a striptease - and it's one thing i can't seem to manage - just way too self-conscious. He would be quite jealous.

  2. The friend did a lovely job on the costume :)

    1. Didn't she? I wish I could sew like that. Never could get the hang of sewing machines.


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