Monday, June 16, 2014

The Things He Says

I was pretty nervous going in to the hospital today.    I had gotten up early this morning, let dogs out and then gone back to sleep until it was time to get ready.  I guess without coffee I really could sleep all day.  I think Master was worried for me too, but he doesn't show it as much.  He told me to stop picking at my fingers (nervous habit). 

The nurses and doctor had zillions of questions for me, most of them repetitive.   They asked if I wanted the light sedation to be left aware of what they were sticking up my orifices, or the full nap time (moderate sedation actually, not general anesthesia) treatment where I probably wouldn't notice anything.  I chose full nap time, and Master says "Oooh, propafol, you'll like that, it is a good drug."

Then the nurse is sticking these pads to my chest and untangling my hair from them, and she says "I don't want to pull your hair".

Master says "But she likes that".   I just laughed.   The nurse laughed and said "Probably not when I do it".  I liked her, very much a reassuring sort of person.   I refrained from saying anything like "Maybe I would", though it did go through my mind.
I had a slight panic when the drugs went in and the room and everything got very, very weird, but then I was out.  I didn't know anything else until I was in the recovery room and Master was holding my hand.    

They went over the going home instructions, and said "No operating heavy machinery today."

Master quips "Does that include the dishwasher and washing machine, because... ?"  

The funny part is they thought he was kidding.
Then he called dibs on the cookie they gave me in my lunch.   I didn't really want a cookie anyway, I was more in the mood for the sandwich. 

They took some biopsies and stuff, but so far have not found anything out of the ordinary.  

I'm really hoping my stomach will tolerate pancakes for dinner, because I have a serious craving for them. 


  1. Glad you are recovering and I have had 5 colonoscopys and they do get easier (?) over time. I have to have one every 2 years for the rest of my life. (well or at least until I get too old to care if I am sick). I made every one of my friends over 50 (nilla are you reading this???) get them. The prep sucks but it does and can save your life. Trust me. I know. Enjoy your pancakes or whatever else you want!


  2. well I'm so glad it went ok and you're recovering and they havn't found anything funky as yet xx


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