Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guess what I'm growing

If you guessed cooch fuzz, you are right.

In his ongoing efforts to keep me on my toes and obeying his
 whims orders, not just coasting along with the routine, Master ordered me to stop shaving my pussy last weekend.  

So for the first time in three years, I'm growing it out.  At least until he gets tired of it and wants me to change back.   

He said I should still keep it neatly trimmed, so yesterday I spent a good long time on my back on the settee plucking any unruly hairs from the edges with a pair of pliers.  It was kind of entertaining, actually, and the needlenose pliers seemed to work even better than tweezers, which isn't saying much for the tweezers we have.


  1. Would have loved to see you using the pliers vs. your tweezers to pluck your pussy hair...

  2. "Cooch Fuzz"


    I used to pluck my cooch hairs, but its so time consuming. I just wish it would stop growing.


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