Friday, June 20, 2014

"Get Me the Cutting Board"

"Get me the cutting board".

I'd been fetching things for him most of the evening, and so pleased to have him home again, but when I heard that one I figured it was going to be a special night.

It is not just any cutting board, but a heavy one with a handle which is only for spankings, not food.  We keep it in the kitchen.

I bent over a kitchen chair and he paddled me, pausing now and then for a stroke, but never, not yet, touching my eager wet pussy.

I'd have to wait for that.

In between paddlings I was on my knees sucking him.

When we went upstairs, he took up one of the new switches I'd made for him, a very thin springy one, and began lashing my ass and thighs with it.  It hurt a lot, but then he made me come.  After a few minutes recovery time I was wanting more of that kind of hurt again.  He had me lie on the bed for a caning with a stouter switch.  I had been craving this all day, needing some of this pleasure and pain again.  

When he rolled me over and took me I was already in ecstasy from the beatings.   He let me come over and over, with and without the magic wand, and then fucked me long and hard from behind as I gripped the blankets and just held on for the ride.

I have a picture.  This was all from the switch.

 I love having marks to look at.

 Now I can't wait to get more of the same again.


  1. I'm with you. I love to look at my red marked up bottom.

  2. Real hot! I wish my Master would like to marke me too.

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