Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Being Normal

Normal is serving him.  That is my normal day to day life, which I need to feel right.  If I don't feel good enough to do that, and I ask if I can lie down for a while, he will hardly ever say no.  

 I teased him a little in the blog yesterday about having me doing the dishes and laundry, but in truth he did the heavy lifting, carrying the basket down the steps, bringing in the 100 lbs of dog food from the car, and putting it away.  If I really needed him to make dinner or wash dishes he would.   But after the stuff yesterday I just wanted to be normal again.  Being useful to him by making his lunch plate of warmed up leftovers, bringing him tea, cooking dinner and washing dishes, it is all being his servant  and I actually do appreciate that he doesn't get carried away with pampering me.   I'm not a lap dog or a pillow princess :). 

The washing machine does NOT count as heavy machinery, I guess, and I don't think the Hitachi should either.   Last night neither of us felt up to anything sexy though.   I was up at an ungodly 4 am when a headache woke me up this morning.    I crept back into bed when his alarm went off at 5 and made myself available to him (er, seduced him).  I could not come myself until afterward when he caned me though.

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