Monday, October 13, 2014

A Dangerous Method, the movie

Master went over to Mystique's to watch the Walking Dead without me last night.  I have no interest in the show, because zombies creep me out.

While he was out, I thought I'd watch the rest of A Dangerous Method, but the very next scene was a wonderful spanking and as soon as I saw that I shut it off.  For one thing, the kid was still awake, in the other room, and for another, I didn't want to get all hot and bothered again!  

When Master came home we did finish watching it together, although I said I didn't want to.  He definitely wanted to see the spanking scene.  Then there was another one later on.  With a belt. 

Master told me to bend over the couch arm and stay while he went to get an implement.  Humiliation and anticipation prickled through me as I waited for minutes or perhaps just seconds for him to return.

He liked the scenes so much he rewound the movie several times and watched both over and over while he swatted me with something he found in the toy box (I don't actually know what it was).    It was so very hot to see Knighly on the TV cuffed to the bed, getting the same thing I was.  Oh, and she orgasmed too, or at least her character did.  

There was a line from the movie that I particularly liked.  

A psychologist-turned-patient tells Jung "I can't understand what you're waiting for.  Just take her to some secluded spot and thrash her to within an inch of her life.  That's clearly what she wants".  

 Jung, who believes it wrong to get involved with his patients that way, resists this advice.  At first.   

Obviously, it is wrong, but it makes the movie more exciting.  This is all a pretty fictionalized account of the actual historical psychologists.  

When he was done I was stumbling and giggling, trying to lean on him and then went to my knees to kiss his hand. 

Master then took me upstairs and doubled over his belt.  I braced against the dresser.  He walloped me long and hard and my tenderized butt was soon doubly sore and bruised.  Sitting down this morning is quite deliciously painful.   



  1. Ha! Guess who'll watch that tomorrow evening!

    1. We both liked the movie more than we thought we would, and not just for the kinky bits.

  2. This is really one of the best movie reviews I have seen in a while... :)

    1. Movies AND movie reviews are better with spanking. In my opinion. ;)

  3. I wish this was on Netflix. I checked... it's not. : (


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