Thursday, October 16, 2014


Master came home much earlier than I expected yesterday, so I hadn't really finished doing a lot of things I should have done.  

When I asked if he wanted lunch, instead of saying yes as I expected, he gripped the back of my neck and propelled me into the living room.  No one else was home.  He pushed me over the arm of the sofa, lifted my robe and I heard the clinking of his belt buckle.   Doubled up in his hand, the belt came down on my ass and thighs.  He looped it around my wrists (such a great versatile item!) and he held me like that with one hand while he spanked me with the other.   Leaving the belt on my hands, he moved to my face and allowed me to suck his cock.  Then he pulled me upstairs using the belt as a leash.  He pulled it to the floor forcefully and me along with it.  I crouched on the floor, peering back at him nervously as he got implements out.  He caned me in that position, then ordered me up, took took the belt back and beat me some more with it.   I had had several orgasms by this time, all on his command.

Master ordered me into bed where he had me suck his cock while he read some stories from our book of vintage erotica.  Some of the things they thought about back then- whooo wee!  One day I'm going to type it up and share it here, perhaps- my favorite story of St. Francis' holy relic expunging the sins of a maiden while her friend watches from a hiding place (spoiler, the "relic" is Father whatshisname's penis!).  "Ah Father, I see heavenly bliss opening up to me!"   

Then Master fucked me good and thoroughly.  It had been soooo long since I'd had anything more than beatings and giving head. 

 It had been since Saturday morning, actually, which is practically forever to my oh so greedy cunt, and it was desperately eager for him.  After hanging my head off the bed and fucking me, he allowed me to use the vibrator as I rode him.  He slapped and punched and bit me.  My tits are still aching. 

 He fucked me from behind and held off my nose and mouth until my chest strained for breath, then he'd let go and order me to come. It was hard to tell which was sweeter, the first breath or the orgasm.  
Both together, is like heaven. 

Afterward, our normal shower ritual.  

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  1. What a fun afternoon! Reminds me that I should come home early more often!


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