Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tea... With Love

I have been wanting to write about the topic of sacred service since August, but have never found a way to tackle it that didn't sound overly sappy.  But honestly, who doesn't have a bit of the sappy romantic that wants to creep out occasionally?

We went to a presentation on the topic at Tryst, and it struck a chord for both of us.  Because Master is an atheist, it didn't mean sacred in the religious "Praise god" kind of way as much as it meant to us adding significance and meaning to ordinary acts by thinking in certain ways about them.  It is a way of making them more special and meaningful in themselves and in regard to our relationship.

When I put mindfulness of how it will nourish my Master into small daily acts of service, whether that is making his salad which will fill him with healthy and delicious food, or making the bed so he can go to sleep more comfortably at night, it makes the acts feel not so small and insignificant.  It can brighten both of our moods.   Tea served with love just tastes better, he says.

I'm not going to pretend I go about my day like Snow White frolicking with the forest critters, but if every now and then I think to myself about what I am doing, the fact that I am doing it for him, doing it the best way I can, and putting a little extra thought and love into it, those good thoughts are bound to carry over into other happy places.     

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  1. Intent really changes everything! I will keep this in mind.


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