Wednesday, October 8, 2014

All Kinked Up

My Master praised me last night for asking for my punishment (this was a few days ago, and I didn't write about it because I HATE writing about punishments, especially in the immediate time afterward.  Later on, it becomes easier).  

He praised me for asking for what I needed rather than just going all quiet and mopey all day, as I tend to do.      

He punctuated his praise with heavy swats from the riding crop.

"Grab the bed rails and don't let go for anything".  Swat!

"This beating is a reward", he said.  

That is fine in theory. 
Before, it sounds fine.  
After, it feels fine.  
During?   It's kind of hard to process.  

Because the crop hurts.  

At first it hurts, anyway.  Then it melts into one big pleasant thumping sensation.   He gets out a clothespin and attaches it to my labia.   He moves it around a few times, eventually moving it to a spot up near my clit.  He begins fucking me from behind.  The pin pulls painfully, most pleasantly painfully.

He stops to put a couple more on my pussy, and I'm moaning while he goes to get a whole lot of clothespins.  And a rope.   They are hurting.  Breathe, breathe. 

"We haven't ever done the zipper yet, have we?"  

"No, Master".  I'm still lying on my stomach, gripping the headboard rails, but he has me let go of them to suck his cock and then lie on my back, legs spread.  

The clothespins go on my breasts, then one on my stomach, but when I yelp at that he moves it to my inner thigh.  Then something like three or four on my cunt.  I can't really see, since I have my eyes closed and am floating off into floaty spaces after a little bit of nervous hyperventilating.   The clothespins are all attached to the rope.  

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Master".

He counts down: "Three.  Two.  One."   Rrriiipppp!  They are all pulled away and he tells me to come just as the last ones are yanked off my cunt.

A few seconds given to breathe, then he asks if I want to do it again.

I find myself saying "Yes, Master". 

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  1. Holy cow. In a good way. And a awed way. And just, holy cow.


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