Saturday, October 11, 2014

A non-post-aaarrgh.

I just read a wonderful writing about a morning cafe experience. 

 And my brain is totally blocked.  I want to write something beautiful and moving and ecstatic and erotic.... I got nothing.   This is in spite of having a delicious Friday night and Saturday morning of beatings and orgasms... but there are people non stop talking to the computer game in the other room, I can't move my computer elsewhere, and the noise is jangling my nerves something terrible.  

 Master is asking me to help him do things every few minutes anyway, so this is just not the right time for blog writing, I guess.   

Plus we were supposed to go to Madison today to see some of my family who are visiting there, but we are all sick and can't go.  
So, I'm sad because it might be another year before I get a chance again.   It has been over a year since the last time I saw them and my brother has a new baby.  

Maybe I'll write something better later. 

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  1. just (((hugs))) horrible when the world is off kilter! xx


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