Saturday, October 25, 2014


Master went to bed early last night, after we had gone out for Mexican food with some friends from his work and assorted children. 

 I was up late letting dogs out and feeding them for a while.   When I finally came to bed he woke slightly and got up to brush his teeth (he was REALLY tired, so much that he just flopped into bed).  He came back in and I asked him if I could touch my cunt.  He said no. I hadn't had an orgasm that day, but ok, no big deal, right?  I was horny but not desperate, plus I was sleepy too even though it was only 10:00 then.

As we snuggled under the covers his hand slid down by body to my inner thigh.    I kept my legs closed a few fractions of a second too long.    He whispered fiercely to me "You will open  your legs when I reach for your cunt, slave."  My legs spread for him.  The sternness, the demand, the ownership in his words thrilled me then and even more now, thinking about it.   Wanting to touch myself still.

He tormented my cunt and my mind for a few minutes, telling me I'd have to wait, that there would be no fucking until tomorrow. He asked me if I wanted it, and how badly and what I wanted and I replied to him.  When I was good and worked up he told me it was bedtime and went to sleep.  Big sigh.

My emotions during all this were remarkably calm.  Of course I am just here to serve him and if I am a bit frustrated because he wants me to be, that is my proper place.  But this calm and comforting emotion contrasts severely with other times when the same situation has thrown me into a more desperately unhappy state of mind.   

There have been other times when I badly wanted this feeling of acceptance of his will and could not find it.  It is such a relief to have that, at least.

I woke at 6 am with his hard-on pressing against me.  I rubbed back against him with my ass.  He told me to suck it and I squirmed under the covers to comply eagerly.   In a few minutes he pulled me off of him by my hair and then the exquisite command came:

"Lie on your back and spread your fucking legs, cunt".  

He fucked me and came quickly because he had to be off to work, but it was very delicious.  He slapped my face and made me come too.  I'm craving so much more now, but not allowed to masturbate still today. 

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