Friday, October 3, 2014

A Little Tune

WHACK Whackity Whack Whack. WHACK Whackity Whack Whack.

"What song is this?" he asks me.


"Yes.  It is a horrible song, isn't it, slave? Even if it does make a nice beating rhythm."

With a grin, I peak over at him standing there with the cane in his hand.

"No, I think it is a nice tune".

"What?" he says, not quite believing that I like Bolero.  Especially that I like it on my ass.

"I like that song, Bolero" I say, full of glinting cheekiness now to contradict him.

WHACK.  WHACK.  Whackity Whack Whack. WHACK Whackity Whack Whack.  And he moves down to my thighs with a stronger stroke.   I'm in that sobbing/not quite crying phase, all the glints and cheek gone out of me, when he pushes me to the ground and I curl up in a ball.  He kicks my ass.

I still like Bolero though. 

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