Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nightly Beatings

Master tells me to lie face down on the bed on an extra blanket to start out.  Afterward I suck his cock and thank him for the beating.   It has been wonderful getting nightly beatings this week.   There has been less sex, which is the norm for the week of my period, because he isn't keen on the mess, but last night after the caning and the sucking he also fucked me, which was extra wonderful.   I had the most massive orgasm, and it was one that was not on command.  

Happily for me that does not get me in trouble.   

I have gotten a beating with cane or paddle or both every night this week.  I have a rather large bruise on  my ass, and a very sore thigh. 

 This makes me content.  I poke them. 

 There was a writing on fet about a girl thinking "constantly wearing his marks on my body" would a horrible thing, and how she's so glad her dom is NICE, and then a massive drama about this gal's new dom frenzy ramblings, but all I could think was that I am so lucky in the weeks when I do feel his marks on me day after day, and have them refreshed at night.   

Also, fall is gorgeous here when it's not raining.


  1. I love having marks on me. I enjoy getting them and I enjoy looking at them later and remembering how they got there. :)

  2. Lucky girl. I think I would have a love hate relationship with a week like that but would certainly like to experience it. The first thing I do after a beating is check out what remains behind on my behind. I love having marks left on me and feeling the aftermath for a day or two. Enjoy what's left of the week.

  3. You must be so proud to be marked by him with the nightly beatings.


  4. "I poke them"
    I love that because I used to do that too, lol.


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