Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Room 101: All Your Nightmares

Pain has kindly given me something to write about from her blog HERE.   Because I have nothing.  After some quickie sex yesterday morning, in the evening Master and I were talking about what we were going to do at night.  I was hoping for whipping. He was threatening to come on my tits and leave me horny.   Then we both felt sick and went to bed early with no desire for fun sexytimes at all.   Sigh.

Room 101, from George Orwell's 1984, is where you get to lock your nightmare stuff so it can't come out and bother you.    My top three things that I would be happy never to do/have done again are going to sound very goofy, and I know this will probably backfire on me because then he'll want to do them more now, but here goes:

1. Tummy blows.   I hate it when he blows raspberries on my tummy.  It tickles, it hurts in an unfun way (my stomach is sensitive).   This also goes for biting in that area.   It is all I can do not to hit back.

2.  When he makes me tie him up.  I don't like it.   Yes, it is a service to him because he tells me to do it, and yes, I'm still his slave even then.  But it still feels weird and uncomfortable.   At least my head isn't all broken about it any more, he's got my head with a semi-decent attitude, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to never to do it again. 

3Playing Zombies and Blowjobs. Worst game ever.  Sometimes he has me give him a blowjob while he kills zombies in a video game.   One, zombies are just creepy and not sexy.  Two, he's so busy with the game he's not enjoying what I'm doing (other than the pure humiliation/torture factor of making me do something I hate- he likes that, but his cock isn't enjoying it as much as it could.  I can tell.  It is in my mouth.)
Also, he complains that his game doesn't go well because I'm distracting him, and not only that, but he bonks me in the head with the game controller. 


  1. lmao at number 3 and getting bonked on the head...sorry but that really did have me laughing out loud.

    thanks fo rplaying along.....things are awfully quiet around blogland lately it seems.


  2. I read this out to H - and he just started laughing on #3. "I have to agree with her on that one." I love it. (And hope it doesn't give him too many ideas - but reading blogs out loud to H is one of our favorite things to do.)

  3. I found number 3 funny but I completely understand why it would be in your room. And I could add your number 2 to my list. Sir has only asked me to do this once but I cried the whole time. I don't think He enjoyed it very much since I was so upset. Hopefully He will never make me do that again. It goes against everything in my mind and body. It just feels so wrong.

  4. LOL at number 3! How distracting to be hearing zombies and getting bonked in the head! I also hate belly blows. *shudder*

  5. He was somewhat surprised that the zombie one made my top three hated things since it is actually really rare. Maybe just twice. But I was having trouble coming up with things that I actually don't like at all, so that is how it ended up on there.


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