Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Morning

He came down. I had his tea ready, and I told him what I was up to.

He said I didn't wake him up at all. He didn't notice anything, not even the parts when he was talking in his sleep, and thus I didn't break any rules at all, so he could beat me just for the fun of it.  

I guess intent doesn't count.  Or something.  He did threaten a real punishment if I did wake him up with my shenanigans though.   

  He had me rub his back while he read the blog and a bunch of other stuff.  When the tea was done he took me back upstairs, tied my wrists together and put a tie around my neck.  A necktie.  To pull me around.  

He motioned me casually to my knees in front of him, telling me I was going to suck him off and he wasn't going to fuck me.  He pulled on the tie around my neck.  God, I love that.   After a bit he moved to the bed.  I lay on my side and sucked hard until he came in my mouth.  Then he rolled me over and beat me most cruelly with the cane and paddle.   

Most cruelly, I tell you.  I loved it.  

After that he wanted breakfast and I was trying to straighten the bed and put the toys away when he came and swatted me, saying "Breakfast, woman!"  heh.  I dropped all the stuff and went to cook.

I made hash browns with sausage and cheese for him and just the hash browns for me.   They were made from last night's mashed whole red potatoes, and were extra delicious.   

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