Friday, October 24, 2014

Things going well

Things are going well.  The last two nights Master made an extra effort to be with me, spend time with me, watch some movies, and especially helpful for my mood problem, to order me about to do various things, fuck me silly and then last night to use my ass thoroughly.  

Plus I went to lunch with Mystique yesterday and another friend today.  

I am feeling very cared for right now.  I just have a few minutes to jot something here before we head out to dinner too (yay, no cooking!).   

And with any luck, a kinky event to attend tomorrow night, a Halloween party. 

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  1. I'm glad - that you are feeling better and that he knows and does what you need when you need.

    As i was reading far and wide, early on for us, when i thought there must be somewhere a blueprint for the right way to go about this thing, I couldn't find many people who wrote about the humanity and fallibility of each of the people involved. Or if i did, it smacked of an 's' who really just wanted it all her (or his) way: D in service to s but dressed up as the other way around. I have come to see that it is more complex but much more real, and sustainable, and good for us, to acknowledge and work with our whole being - the tough parts too. So thank you for writing this for that reason.


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