Thursday, October 2, 2014

Places to have sex: On the car

Master and I walked down to visit a neighbor briefly last night.  It was dark, humid and damp and only slightly cool.   I took a flashlight, because there was no moon and no lights out here unless I turn on the yard light.  That only reaches a short way toward the front gate anyway.  Last night it was off.

 On the way back,  just past the pond and through the small woods around our driveway, coming up to the gate, he told me to pull down my pants.   I did, and he spanked me then told me to pull them back up.  He was unbuckling his belt.   I knelt when he ordered me to and took his cock in my mouth.  After a few vigorous thrusts he stopped and headed up to the garage.  He was walking so fast I had to trot along behind to keep up.

He led me to the front on his car, jerked down my pants and pushed me over the hood face down.   He slammed up into me so quickly I moaned an ouchy moan but immediately loosened to accommodate him.

After a while he pulled me up, then moved me around to the very front of the car and pushed me down so I was lying completely on the car on my back, in an old dent made when he hit a deer a few years ago.  I took off my coat and pulled up my shirt.  I didn't have a bra on.   I heard the creaking of the hood and hoped I wasn't damaging anything.  Then he fucked me again and the car made this awesome rocking motion, swinging me out and then bringing me back into him like a spring.   It felt so good that I was on the brink of coming without any commands.  He knew I was on the edge, but instead of telling me to wait he slapped my face and I came, squirting all down the car and over the headlight, as we saw later.    Again, and again, he pumped and then slapped me, and I came over and over.

He stopped before he came so that he could fuck me again later on in bed.  With ass punchings and the vibrator.  

Ahhh, this is a good life, isn't it?  


  1. Now I seriously wish that I a) lived outside of the suburbs, or b) at least had a garage to pull our car into. :)


    1. We have all these great outbuildings too, and rarely every use them. I have said a few times how many great scene-thematic pictures we could take there, and he prefers the bug free, temperature controlled bedroom naturally.


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