Thursday, October 9, 2014


This morning I made breakfast for him with a clothespin on my twat.   Sausage, cheese burrito with salsa.

Also, I'm wondering what his co-workers must think of me now.  First he told them all about the whole potato fiasco (I know, I know, I never wrote about it).  

Short version:  he told me to make breakfast potatoes, and even had me start them the night before so they were all boiled.  In the morning I forgot all about it.  I made pancakes instead.  He was most disappointed.  Derp.

He told people at work how upset he was with me, and they all thought he was terrible, I guess.  I wasn't there.   Now, in my world, failing to carry out a direct order is pretty upsetting, no matter what the reason.  I was quite unhappy that I hadn't done what he wanted. 

  But since they don't get me, don't get us, they didn't understand.  

 Actually, Mystique said I could come live with her and make her any breakfast I wanted (Master brought it up to her, not me!), and she DOES get us.   But anyway, maybe she doesn't as much as I thought, because I was truly guilty that I had made the wrong breakfast.   Or maybe she just wants a live in slave to make her food.    

Then Master's co-workers were talking about Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday.  I don't even know how that came up, but evidently Master told them that I read all the books.   He didn't admit to anything specific, but somehow they ended up asking HIM the questions, like "What does BDSM even mean?"   He may or may not have invited them to visit his "red room of pain".  It's hard to tell when he's being serious.     BTW we just have a regular room of pain (AKA bedroom), there is nothing red about it.  


  1. oh god, I'm forever doing things like this! Husband is very low maintenance in many ways really, so when I do manage to ferret out a specific thing he would like, or he even voluntarily brings it up by himself, I set out intending to move heaven and earth to realise it, then all too often life gets in the way, i get derailed, and just plain forget.

    Makes me feel AWFUL, so all my sympathies, and I totally 'get' it!

  2. To all who read ksst's blog: I was upset that ksst did not make me my potatoes. However, when I tell the story at work, ksst is the long suffering and saintly wife, and I am the Ogre. Why? Because it is funny that way. Very few people at work want to hear about our dynamic. I don't want to involve them in our kink. So the story becomes a joke on me. Darling wife makes a lovely breakfast, and Ogre husband complains that it is the wrong one. In other circles, ksst's transgression is fully realized.

  3. heck you can move in with me, if you cook breakfasts like that, im not fussy, pancakes will do me lol


  4. BTW we just have a regular room of pain... bwahahaha. Seriously, that is so funny.

    I love this whole post. Don't worry about the coworkers. My experience is that you can have pretty intense relationships with coworkers as part of a shared experience, but very few sustain as regular friends.

    I also think a slave would be handy to have around. Except, it is hard work being a Master too, so I don't want to do that part.

    1. I'm not actually worried, as in really worried, just one of those little curious thoughts that floats around my brain.


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