Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not kinked

There has been no kink here today to write about, but we went for a glorious walk in the woods today, Ben and I.   We saw a big flock of turkeys and were nearly run over by a squirrel.


I heard this crashing noise in the woods, and stopped to see if it was a deer coming.   Nope, just a monstrously fat industrial sized squirrel walking down the path toward us.  Ben was on high alert at the end of his leash.  The squirrel walked right up to him, and I had to pull Ben out of its way, because I really didn't want him biting a squirrel, and he probably would have if he could have reached it.   The squirrel just continued on its way like we weren't there.  

This is Ben standing on a fence.


  1. Seriously, the squirrels at our house are aggressive, mean and annoying. You should have let Ben bite it. (Am I in trouble now???) :)

  2. Lovely. A nice walk like that is one of my favorite things!


Flogging Class

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