Monday, January 12, 2015

Around Town

Sunday, lovely Sunday, it was not minus a zillion degrees out.  It was almost above freezing, a perfect day to go shopping without clothes, Master said.  Of course, we can't shock the town, so I kept my parka well zipped up, and wore a skirt with boots as well!  But underneath, only Master and I knew only the ropes, leash, collar were there.   It was a bit of naughty fun for us.  We went to Fleet Farm, the grocery store and then downtown to buy some cards at the Artist Cooperative.  That was interesting because there were 4 ladies in the shop, all of them artists, and when Master picked out 3 cards to buy, they were painted or designed by three of the people present!  

He also looked at some necklaces, and held up a cute one with an owl and some acorns to my neck, which was of course obscured by my zipped up parka.  The woman who was helping us said "If you could just unzip your coat we could see it on you better."

I looked at Master.

He looked at me.

He said to the woman, "She gets cold easily".   

I probably had this sort of smile, full of the devil:
She didn't ask.


  1. That was so naughty, can't find a better word.
    Naughty and fun.

    love, ara

  2. Sounds lovely! I love subtle public Bondage!


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