Thursday, January 22, 2015

Attempting to channel my Grandma

If you were looking for kink only, move along. 
I have something different today.

Last week my Grandma died, the last of my grandparents.  I had written something the day I found out, but it was too painful, and I couldn't post it.   

This morning I was once again trying to comb the knots out of the littlest kid's hair before school and thinking of my Grandma.   

He decided he wanted to grow long hair, and Master and I, not being ones to stand in the way of that kind of independence, we let him.  But he has to deal with having the tangles combed out every day. 

When I was little I had long hair, very fine and tangly long hair, and my mom would comb it for me.  It was always super painful.  My mom is a lot of great things, but gentle isn't one of them.  She was just like "Hold still and get it done".   I always hated that. 

One time we were at my Grandma's house, and mom was struggling through my hair combing, when Grandma said "Here, let me do it" and when she did it, it didn't hurt!  She teased apart my tangles  without pulling on my tender scalp.  It is one of my favorite memories of her.  Her hands felt so light and gentle.

Not long after that, I started keeping it cut short, even though the other kids sometimes teased that I looked like a boy, at least I didn't have hair tangles.  

Right up until I started dating Master I had short hair.  When he happened to mention that he liked long hair and he'd like it if mine was longer, I started growing it out.  I haven't had it short since then. 

So anyway, whenever I comb the kid's hair now I attempt to channel my Grandma and not pull on his head.  I don't think I'm that successful all the time, from the way he complains about it, but I try.  

  I'm ready for him to go back to the buzz cut any day now, though, really ready. 


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Ms. Ksst.

  2. Sorry for your loss, sending many best wishes.


  3. just ((((Hugs)))

    and re the tangles, when you wash it and and you've washed and conditioned and rinsed and all that, a little syrum that you spray on while wet and leave on to dry with the hair can help, you can get ones that are specifically detangling and can help prevent snarls x

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. It's hard.

    Our eldest has the longest thickest hair ever. It was a nightmare. I gotta say--I'm loving the short thing, so I feel your pain on that front!

  5. Umm, that was supposed to be "Had" not "has". Apparently, I'm losing my mojo in more ways than one!

  6. Try looking in the baby isle for a spray called "no more tangles." It works perfectly. My eldest nephew has my naturally curly hair and he wanted it long, like mine. (Well not down to his butt per se). Anyhow, that spray saved the day. i know your pain and frustration about combing out kiddos hair. i'm sorry for your loss but glad you have happy memories of your grandma. i still miss mine, six years later. This is jade from btw. For some reason, i can't sign in.


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