Sunday, January 11, 2015

Having Faith

Having faith in him doing just what he wants, in being the leader of me, gives me the freedom to ask, ever so nicely this week,  if he would please like to tie me up and beat me.   

For those that are wondering about him taking my hints, I've found that men don't do hints (or maybe it is just my Master? He says it is most men).  If I want something, I am supposed to ask.  Most of the days this week the answer has been "We'll see".  Most of the days it ended up being "yes" on a little spanking.  I often didn't find out what was going to happen until he started. It was a "no" on the bondage and major beating.   A little (ok, Wednesday night it was pretty hard caning and belt, but only for a few minutes) daily spanking keeps my head on straight, makes me happy, gets me in the mood for sex.  But sometimes a slave (this slave anyway) craves more... restriction.  Pain.

He liked my pictures from Friday.  He also liked the thought of me doing my errands with my bondage things hidden under my clothes.  He's talking about making me do more of that, when he goes with me.   We used to do that stuff, but it kind of fell off for some reason.    

After everyone else was in bed, Master came to where I was sitting at the computer and tied one sash around my wrists and the other around my neck.  He led me into the living room and told me to stay.  
I stayed waiting while he got more wood for the fire.   

He took me into the kitchen and motioned me to my knees.  Master pulled up some porn on the laptop (Traci Lords getting a spanking- wished I could have seen it! Perhaps another time) while I sucked his cock.  

It was a delicious experience for me to be bound and sucking him.  I thoroughly enjoyed the gagging, drooling, choking, and especially when he pulled back away from himself on the noose, forcing me choke myself to continue my eager sucking.   Mmmm, that was the best bit.  He was so close to coming he had to keep making me slow down and ease off.  He was saving it.

 A while later, he got up, we went upstairs, and he took off the wrist binding sash.  He told me to get out some rope and lie naked on the bed. I put on my collar and cuffs, and left the neck rope in place as he'd told me.  

I was just getting under the covers (so cold!) when he came back and nixed that idea.  On top the covers, of course!

He tied my feet together with one rope, and tied them to the foot board.  It felt so good to be bound by him again, just as nice as I had imagined it earlier in the day.  He tied my wrist cuffs with rope, and also put the leather strap on my wrists, and held that up against the head board. He also held the neck rope, but I'm not really sure how that all fit in.  I was too busy getting fucked to really pay attention to where the ropes were going.   

Master alternated fucking and beating me with a cane, going back and forth between the two, and also did some kind of mind trick with making my orgasm go all around my body- I'm not even sure what that was, but it was a lot of fun.  I think he may have been talking to an erotic hypnotist we met at the munch, picking up some new ideas.  I kind of like not knowing exactly what was going on, or what will happen next in this case.   Having much faith.   



  1. I think men, in general are not subtle creatures. My Sir doesn't do hints. A vanilla friend of mine says she's gotta hit her man over the head with a frying pan for an idea to set. Even if she just flat out tells him a certain thing, it doesn't stick.


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