Friday, January 30, 2015

Wednesday Play

Ok, one more post and then I'm going to quit and not write anything for a while.  

Maybe a couple days anyway.  

Tire tread paddle.
Rope harness. 
Fucking doggy style on the floor.
Rope harness is a handle for hard thrusting into me.
Fucking so hard my cunt clenches him in coming waves.
Ksst goo on the floor.
Stand up. 
Get in position.  
The whip.
His belt.
Oh, his belt.  
Marked again, with wider stripes.
Teasing me.
More sucking, lying on the bed under him.
Caning and sucking.
How to concentrate on sucking when it hurts like that? 
Jealousy.  Not the kind of humiliating that gets me turned on, but the kind that makes me feel bad. He realizes this and changes to
Fucking.  The really good kind. (Ok, that is all the fucking).
My vibrator.
I ask to put the butt plug in since he has carefully laid it out on the bed ahead of time.
Fucking with the butt plug in.
So tight. 
So painfully tight.
And good.  
I reached subspace some time ago.  It's all disjointed here.
He comes.

We shower.   
The end.

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