Thursday, January 29, 2015

Car Battery

Master's car battery died last night and he didn't have time to mess with it this morning so he drove my car to work.  

All my going places errands for today were thus cancelled and I feel like I'm having a stay at home holiday.  

All I have to do today is:

Make breakfast (done)
Wash dishes (done)
Unload dishwasher (not done)
Feed the sheep (done)
Scoop dog poop in the yard (not done)
Laundry- sheets and towels included (one load in the dryer now, two loads to go)
Make the beds, 3 of them (not done)
Write some blogs
Get his battery jumped with the battery jump kit we have
Get the mail 
Make bread (I don't have to, but I want to)
Make dinner
Clean the kitchen after dinner

See?  Holiday!


  1. Ok, so, saw the title and my mind went straight to a car battery next to you with an alligator clip from each post to one of your nipples. Or jumper cables. So glad it wasn't that. I don't think DC is good for a person in those doses.

  2. It sounds like a holiday to me! Did you get to make your bread today? I love to make fresh bread but it can be so easy to put off. Who really needs more bread in their diet?



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