Friday, January 23, 2015

Finally!!! Feeling Better!

Master chased me up the stairs.  I was looking and back and giggling and not letting him catch me.  I knew when he did he'd smack me.  

We got in our room, he locked the door and I had just reached over to turn on the heater when he pulled me into him, tripped me, and in relatively easy manner lowered me to the floor.

I tried to do things with my hands.  I don't know what exactly, whatever you do with your hands when he's bearing down on top of you, but he took my wrists and held them over my head, pinned to the floor.   I writhed.  Rubbed.  I wanted it so.  He pulled my shirt up so it trapped my head and arms.  He sucked and bit my nipple.  More writhing and rubbing.  I was dripping wet already.  He pressed down into the pressure points under my nipples, making me moan in pain.  Slapping, pulling my hair, cramming his hand into my mouth until I choked almost.  Mmmm, all the things! 

He asked me if I wanted to just get fucked and skip the beating he had planned. I said I like both. Whatever you want, Master.  He gave me a choice then:  beating and no fucking, I could get him off with my hand, or no beating and just fucking.

I told him I didn't like those options.   He must have been just teasing because he then rolled me half over, jerked down my pants and underwear and began beating me with something hard and leather while he stuck his cock in my mouth.  Those options I liked!  (in other words, no choices at all!)

He caned me hard and fast on the bed, suddenly without warm up so I squirmed around a lot, then fucked me hard for a long time. At one point I was falling over the edge of the bed head first, but he pulled me back up.   I got to use the vibrator and have orgasms that way, painful ones since at the same time I got slapped a lot, all over: face, tits, thighs.  I'm a very happy slave today. 


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