Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Used holes

Last night we were lying in bed snuggling to keep warm, and I asked if I could suck him.  He said yes, so I burrowed down under the covers and enjoyed myself with him in my mouth.  I love the pleasure groans he makes when I'm doing it really well.   After a bit he pulled me up to the head of the bed and slid between my legs.  He fucked me hard and fast until he came.  I was happily his used holes as I felt his come drip from me.

As he was recuperating, he looked down at me with a grin and said "I really have the urge to hit you right now".  I looked back expectantly, wondering where it would be.

"Turn your face this way" he positioned my face the way he wanted and I closed my eyes and gripped onto the sheet.  Wham! His fist crashed into the pillow next to my head!   Just as I spent a second wondering "What the....?"  A hard slap caught me on my cheek.  "Come!" he commanded, and I did.

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