Friday, January 30, 2015

Updated list of things I did yesterday, plus last night I was Master's stress relief

 I did make the bread.  I made yeast risen dinner rolls and they were delicious.  I start them in the bread maker on the dough setting and then finish them up in the oven because I don't really like how the bread maker does a loaf of bread.  The crust is too crunchy and crumbly.  

Here are yesterday's tasks:

Make breakfast (done) Wash dishes (done) Unload dishwasher (done) Feed the sheep (done) Scoop dog poop in the yard (done) Laundry- sheets and towels included (done and folded/put away) Make the beds, 3 of them (done) Write some blogs (done) Get his battery jumped with the battery jump kit we have (tried, it didn't work) Get the mail (did this after Master got home- oops) Exercise (20 minutes of dancercize) Make bread (done) Make dinner (mac and cheese, salad and the rolls) Clean the kitchen after dinner (done)

Also, I sewed up a torn comforter, which took a lot longer than I thought it would and made my hand sore. 

I cleaned Master's bathroom.  

I trimmed dog toenails, and wondered why Pepper will eat dog toenail bits but not Master's toenail clippings.  Weird dog.  I kept having to push her out of the way when I was doing the other dogs' nails because she was in the way snarfing up all the nailbits.

Master was more than a bit grumpy yesterday, because of his car not starting.  Then we found out it was stuck in park, so we couldn't push it to a place where the jumper cables would reach from my car to his.  His car was in the garage, and mine won't even go in the garage (minivan, extremely low ceiling'd old garage).   He had to run to the store after dinner to buy a longer jumper cable, which  was still a few feet too short.  He ended up hooking the two together (dangerous, but it worked) and getting the battery jumped.  It started!  Yay!  

Afterward, we had a beer and he stuck the bottle in my cunt and took pictures.  He described how he was going to fuck me up later and use me as his toy to take his frustrations and aggressions out on.  I have to admit this sort of foreplay makes me pantingly hot. 

He was reading some thread on Fet about slaves being "broken" and said to me, in that faux-sugarsweet voice he gets, "Awwww, are you broken?"

I said quizzically, "No".   
Then he said "You will be."   
Eeep, that made me squirm again.  I didn't get scared until after he'd fucked me though.

A bit later, I waited for him on the floor in prostrate position.  

"Naked" was the first thing he said.  

The room was freezing, but I stripped off my robe and he instructed me to lie on top of the bed covers for my caning.   He got mostly under the covers himself and enjoyed my shivery coldness.  

He asked me if I'd been a good slave today and I had to admit that my one bit of snarking online had broken his rule.   Mostly good though, if that counts for anything?   He told me this caning was not about punishment, but about what he wanted to do, all about him.  I was relieved.   I like it all about him. 
The cane soon warmed my backside.  It was painful at first, but soon turned to floaty pleasure.  As soon I as started getting too much into the pleasure zone, he'd rap my calves and I'd snap back to pain.  After I was thoroughly beaten, he gave me two more hard smacks and said those were for my online snarkitude, which was a misdemeanor rather than a felony level.  

When I was just about to break and cry, he took me.  
He fucked me hard and fast.  Between Wednesday's hard play and that I'm spotting red again; it is not that time of the month, but...anyway.  So worth it.

When he told me to come I didn't.  He came inside me from behind, then he flipped me over and began slapping me.   That was when I got scared.  He slapped some more and slapped a delicious orgasm right out of me.  I waved my hands around in some very lame attempt at protecting myself from the increasing slaps.  I guess it was a good kind of fear, and then he stopped, but it felt so good to be cuddled up tight against him under the covers and stroked to sleep afterward.  I'm his.   His little slavey cunt toy.   


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