Friday, January 9, 2015

What Do You Do When You Can't

What do you do when you can't wait any longer?

Take matters into your own hands.  At least I did.  

I was thinking how long it has been since I've worn these:   

October?  August?  Not really sure.  But anyway, today I decided that this huge empty pit inside me that makes feel unsatisfied by ordinary things, or even fun things, and lately cannot be filled with sex, or food, or Him, or kink is just going to have to be filled by myself.  Not long after I came to that realization, and before I have thought of exactly what that means, I decided that if I wanted to be bound so bad I'd just do it myself.  I put on my collar, and ankle and wrist cuffs, and the leash, and tied them all together and just lay on the floor.  I didn't even feel sexy at all, just comfortable.  Then I shuffled around the house that way for a while and took some pictures.  It feels nice.  I might wear the cuffs to the store, underneath my heavy coat.  

I don't know what Master is going to say about all this, but I hope he doesn't mind too much.  Or else I hope he beats me for being naughty (unlikely).  


  1. Let's hope he takes the hint and puts you in bondage more often.


  2. This is exactly what my Owner wants from me! You're a great motivator, thanks! =)

  3. He didn't mind at all,in fact he liked it. :) :)


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