Sunday, January 25, 2015


We had some time alone yesterday afternoon, so of course we took advantage!

Master tied me up with rope harnesses, photographed me lying on the cold floor and in other positions, then did all kinds of things to me.

Here are a couple pictures:  

"Lie on the floor, spread, raise your legs."
"Stick your finger in."

 After a few smacks with the cutting board (best present ever, he says):

I humped his shoe.  It got gooey.  :)  He hit me with stuff and let me suck his cock.  Then he whipped and flogged and spanked me with that tire tread paddle.  And of course lots and lots of sex, with the butt plug in first, then he told me to take that out and he came in my ass.  After the butt plug and ALL the orgasms it didn't even hurt at all.
 It was all so amazing I was kind of fuzzy headed and needy most of the rest of the day.   Oh, and a shower together afterward so he could mark me the other way.

We watched this movie later on "Taking a Friend to the End of the World", it is a funny/sad/romance.   I realized as I snuggled up to Master's chest that if I just had one more day on earth, spending like yesterday would have been just about perfect.   

  I never did get around to write anything yesterday, but Friday night was a shorter fun session of cocksucking/porn watching and caning. 

I'm sore but happy today.  Mostly I can still feel the whip marks as slightly burny places, but my thighs and tits were slapped and punched very well also.


  1. Thanks for sharing the details and the photos of that wonderful session. You must feel so submissive and owned today.



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