Monday, January 12, 2015

Favorite Topics

The Blogger site already keeps track of which posts are most frequently visited, but some topics I like to go back and revisit or share because they are important to me don't really end up on there.

So, here is my list of favorite posts that (mostly) cover topics:

Thoughts on Slavery: an overview of mine:
The Rules, a list of all my rules:



Talking about doing away with monogamy in our relationship, opening it up to be with others:


Peaceful resignation/It's not about me/Struggles with such things:

A Little Bit about Mind Control:

Talking about Poly:

Poly, more discussion questions:


Service Oriented? Or not so much.

The Leash Goes Both Ways:

 Ownership Tattoo:

Emotional Masochism:

Consent, Here and in General:

Division of Labor in our House:

First Impression (of teeth):

Being disregarded:

Mantras (part 2):


Some of Master's thoughts about WIITWD

Discussion about my hobby with Master

Real punishment Q/A

Hard Limits (humor)

Reminder of my place (which direction you look)

A reminder of peon-hood:

Dominating Yourself?

When good slaves go bad (meltdown):

A Reflection Of My Master, how that works for us, conversation with him:

Choices, how does THAT work?

What Being a Slave Means to Me: 

Force in our Relationship, its role:

Opinions, Whose Counts Anyway? and a new mantra:

What do you do if you want different things?

My Life, Questioning its value/direction/possessions etc.  You know, the BIG stuff.

Sacred Service

Rules and Enforcement (look at me all up on my high horse!)

Why Men Don't Write Sex Blogs (by Master):

Collar Pictures:

Clothing and Submission:

Tryst: First Choice Cunt

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