Thursday, January 1, 2015

Waking Up In the New Year

It was morning of the New Year.  I could definitely see some light breaking in the windows.   I know the rule is to never wake Master up, but I was filled with wantonness.  There was also angst (see previous post), but mostly wantonness. 

And besides, it was morning.  Technically.

  I'd tried everything I could think of the night before, flirtation- wise, and he deliberately avoided or ignored my every effort.   "Down, girl".  Sigh.

  This was our New Years Eve:  eat at the Golden Corral with Mystique and hasufel, watch some Orange is the New Black at her place, barely make it awake until midnight and then go to sleep. 

Yeah, we're old, so what, it was a good time. I always enjoy seeing them, and this was a special occasion. 

Round about midnight, the junction between 2014 and 2015, I was kneeling in our room waiting for Master to come up. 

He came in, gave me a little kiss and told me to get in bed.  I climbed under the electric blanket, all nice and pre-heated by me.  He climbed in, we luxuriated about the warmth of it.  I rubbed and pressed against him.  I stroked him.  He got hard.  Then he told me that's enough, go to bed.

Why?  Oh, yeah.  Because I'm his slave.  I'm here for his desires and not the other way around.  I reminded myself of this mantra for about the tenth or hundredth time that night. 

Of course I woke up just as horny as the night before.   So, back to the breaking light.  I didn't think it was just the moon.  It had to be morning.  I pressed up against my Master, rubbing, stroking, sending him my desperate thoughts by osmosis.   Mind waves... your slave is horny, please please please don't say "Down, girl" again.   I was taking a chance on being corrected for waking him... but it WAS morning. 

He threw back the covers and shoved my head down to his cock.  Turns out he was just as awake as I was.  Praise jebus and hallelujah!  I sucked that fucker in hard.    He thrust his hips up to meet me, filling my throat, taking my air.  Who needs air when you have cock?   

He pushed me down on my back then and said he had four things for me to do:
1.  Get a blanket (absorption)
2.  Go use the bathroom
3.  Get the Hitachi
4.  Put my butt plug in

I rushed around doing those things, and hooo boy that butt plug was cold.  I didn't want to keep him waiting while I warmed it, so I just shoved it on in.  I think our bedroom was about 50 degrees this morning.  That may be an exaggeration, but it was COLD.  He took me immediately and even he could feel the coldness of the plug, through my ass walls on his dick.  I barely noticed though, I was so excited, and after a minute it was all warmed up anyway.  

I believe somewhere in there was a slap of 10,000 exploding suns.  I had the Hitachi, he was fucking me hard, he slapped me so my head rang and my eyes were filled with the exploding suns of light and caused monstrous orgasms.   

I was sore and wrung out by the time he was done fucking, but he wasn't done quite with the paddle.  I was propped up, ass in the air for a hard set of blows, then another orgasm.  

After that we went back to sleep for a few more hours - we finally rolled out of bed at 10:30.  I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, washed up and then wrote the blog. Most of the angst was already gone by then. Serving him will do that.   Then he read what I wrote and dragged me right back upstairs and fucked my ass for a LONG time.  Since he'd already come once, hours before, he lasted and lasted.  And some more.  I didn't scream at all, I couldn't, just bit down on my pillow.  I really loved it.  

 I went with him to buy a new dishwasher, all sore-assed and well fucked, pissed on and washed clean (in body anyway) and every trace of my angst is gone.   I felt all self conscious at the store, like people could peer into my mind and see what we'd be up to, so I avoided looking at anyone except Master.  

This was much better than any New Year's brunch.  

While I cooked dinner he wanted me to read him The Miller's Tale (Chaucer) so I did.  Such a naughty one!   

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  1. Morning sex is so powerful and you described it perfectly. I'm submissive to my wife and like your Master she says when we will have sex. So many times it's after she has toasted my bottom and I know she loves that as she is soaked after spanking me. I'm happy for you that you got what you needed so bad.


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