Saturday, November 28, 2015

Busy Friday, and Another Dinner

This was my Friday:
-start roast
-start laundry (5 loads washed, dried and put away, including the sheets I'm normally supposed to do on Thursday but couldn't because we weren't home)
-clean the house
-make 2 pies (pecan, blueberry/raspberry)
-clean the kitchen again
-write blog
-get dressed
-feed sheep
-clean up poop in the yard
-set the table for guests, hang out with Mystique and hasufel while we waited for Master to get home.
-finish up the salad and side dishes
-wash dishes, clean kitchen again
-play Lord of the Rings Risk (the good guys won. Master and I were the Orcs)
-take care of dogs
-go to bed around midnight

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