Monday, November 9, 2015

Too Much and Not Enough

I have both too much to write and not enough.  We had a lot of bright, good times this weekend.  We went to our munch which was fun right up until the end of dinner when a discussion turned into more of an argument and it was extremely uncomfortable for me, and painful for one of my good friends.   The worst is when people you love fight.  Like a damn family. 

Doesn't matter if it is real family problems or family of choice problems, though, Master is always my rock of steadiness.  Curling up with him on the couch Sunday took all my worries away.

We had several times of fun play this weekend also, but my blog is going to be not enough about that.  I got spanked, and the nipple clamps got used a few times, and Master came in my mouth, calling me his used little hole.  There was a bunch more too, thus the "too much" part.


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  1. It's lovely that you have such an awesome life that there is always a great place to land after a tough day. :)


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