Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Hair

Since mid October I have not shaved ANYTHING, not pits, not cunt, not legs, except for the day of the Halloween party I was allowed to shave a little off my legs for my costume. Otherwise,  I have definitely gone all hippie chick on his orders.  I'm not one of these girls that doesn't really grow a lot of hair, either.  I have hair EVERYWHERE.   Soon I should be able to make armpit braids.  Today he found his delight in yanking a few of those hairs out of me.  Gleep!

Master told me he likes my hairy bits for two reasons:

1. It just looks sexy. (ok, different tastes, whatever)

2. The main one.  He knows I hate it and that gives him the sadistic smile of glee.  He knows as soon as he gives the permission, I'll be in the bathroom giving my neglected razor a workout.  His power over me makes him happy.  His power and glee makes my cunt twitch.  

So, I'm good with it.  Not so much the hair, but with knowing that he is pleased. 



  1. I guess I am not the only one. My good girl hasn't shaved her pussy since we started. At the beginning, she also didn't shave her armpits but she was uncomfortable with that and asked to stop. But on her last visit, I found out she had stopped shaving them. I was pleased that she knew I would be pleased.. I love the power, too. I do allow her to shave her legs.


    1. My Master was telling me that the original armpit and leg shaving trend was started by razor companies in 1915 trying to expand their market from just men to everyone. It was unusually successful.

      Porn was what told us to shave pussies, though.

      My Master and I have actually a long and some what contentious history on the cunt shaving issue, before we were M/s. He wanted it shaved, I didn't. I tried it once, to please him, and he said he didn't like it. It was too stubbly. Instead of trying to get better razors and get rid of the stubble I said I was never shaving it again, because it itched and felt horrible. Then I became his slave and one of his first things was that I was going to shave. He actually did it for me on the floor of the bathroom, and I trembled through the operation in fear that I was going to get cut. After than I kept it shaved as he ordered and started to really like it that way. Then he told me to grow hair out again a couple years ago, I think it was? After it was well grown out he said I should shave it again. So this fall is the second time for a hair growing. I think he just likes the variety, the change, sometimes.

  2. Thanks for sharing. According to an Internet story, what happened in 1915 is that sleeveless dresses were introduced and the women's magazines decreed they should be worn with shaved pits. Leg shaving began during WWII and is credited to Betty Grable having great legs. Shaving the pussy was once considered kinky until it became popular in the 1970s and 80s, maybe because of porn stars. Pussy hair was considered so erotic that Playboy magazine couldn't show it and the models had their legs together to hide it. Now Playbook isn't showing full nudes, apparently because of competition from the web. Things go full circle. I would think women would prefer not to shave because it's a pain in the neck but I think most women now like smooth pits.


  3. I hate hair on my body; I think Sir does too, but I definitely see the appeal of that control - making you have it precisely because you hate it!


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